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The best ever!
oh yeah...the legacy lives on.

New ones in PINK.
Christian:..I was just skating on the steps, and the next thing I know, there's like seven cop cars there.
Shari:(laughs)Oh my....So, you have a reputation?
Christian: Heh...Reputation...good thing they don't keep records.....
Mark: I'm a Vegetarian!
Cara: Nuh-uh!
Mark: Well, I am today...

Mark:Ow...My knees just popped!
Tina H:Welcome to my world. That's all my knees ever do!


Zamar: You look like a dolphin, Hasseam!
Hasseam:You like like a marshmallow! You mad out of plastic!

Cara:Oy! He's such an M.S.G!
Mark: Yeah: M.S....Gorilla...


David: Does my butt make me look fat?
Luke: Yep.
David: Ohhh, I KNEW it!


Ted: You want pepperoni?
Steve B: Yes sir!
David B: Pepperoni cheers me up!


Xavier: Did you ever blackmail someone?
Greg C.: No, Why? Are you blackmailing someone?
Xavier: Um, yeah, I think so... 


Tyler: You know what, Mark?
Mark: What?
Tyler: I'm gonna throw you in the garbage, and kill you.


Mark: Who's gonna drive it?
Alex: Luke is; it's his truck!
Mark: He doesn't have a license!
Alex: So! He can get one at Wal*Mart!


Cara:That guy's not Mexican!
Luke: Who's not? The guy doing the tortillas?
Cara: No! Not him! He's purebred!


Billy: What would you do for a Klondike Bar?
Tim: I'd give you ten cents.
Luke: I want a steak.


Mark:I'll go get my air rifle.
Tim: you don't have an air rifle!
Mark: Well, I have one that's not an air rifle... 


Tim: hey, I'm not Steve B!
Luke: Me too!


Taken out of context:

Luke: C'mere, I wanna hug you!
Tim: No! Six! Dude, you're getting a Dell!Dude, you're getting a Dell!Dude, you're getting a Dell!
Luke: Alright, fire it up, Stinky!


Mark: you have a scratch on your neck.
Nick: Yeah. You know how I got it?
Mark: how?


(luke farts)
Luke:You can't stop human nature!
Tim:Yes you can...
Greg:All you need is a warclub!
Tim:...or a cork.


Robby: So...Are you guys, like, "best friends"?
Tim: Well, we'd be alot better friends if he didn't fart so darn much!


Carlos: Well, the rule about "no slaying of people and setting people's hair on fire" is kind of...
Tim: Well, what if someone came in and started slaying people and setting hair on fire?!?
Steve: Yeah, THEN you'll wish it was rule! 


Mark: Woah, this bike doesn't stop very well!
Steve: Well, it kind of does if you use the brakes...


Luke: Why do you wear those peices of junk...on your feet?
Steve: Oh, I thought you were going to say my ears.


Mark:Why'd you cut off your socks?
Steve: I think the better question you have underwear on? 


Luke: Josh, time for bed.
Josh: No, I wanna watch the train movie.
Luke: No, I need to put you to bed.
Josh: No, I wanna watch the train movie!
Tim: Luke, tell him I said to go to bed.
Luke: Josh, Timmy says to go to bed.
Josh: Okay...I go to bed.


Martha:...yeah, Alex was drowning
in the middle of the lake, and Mark had
to go save him and you were just sitting there!
Jean: But the water was cold!*


Tim C.: See, It's just a matter of opinion.
Jesse: I don't like things that require my opinion.
Joey: That's because you're stupid and have no opinion.


April: You warned me when you were the one swearing all over the interenet!
Luke: Swearing!?! I wasn't swearing!!
April: You...You..You called me pottiemouth! 


Tim: My dad doesn't like bungee cords.
Luke: Why not?
Tim: Because every time he uses them, they pop up and hit him in the eye.


Dakota(talking to Tim): He won't let me play with the hot wheels track!
Tim: Yeah! 


Tim: I'm gonna borrow this, too.
Luke: okay.
Tim: Really?!? I'm so persuasive!


Tim: Becky and Andrea are really annoying. They were at my [soccer] practice today and they kept cheering and messing me up.
Luke: I would say something funny, except...
Tim: Except I would hit you with this hanger a lot!


Tim: Luke, look! It's a guy wearing camo and riding a Kawasaki!
Luke: Woah. Does that make him, like...immortal?
Tim: Yeah.


Luke: Alex, if you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
Alex: Ummm, Wal-Mart! 


Bob: So what else is good here?
Luke: Well, I like the-
Mark: This is good, whatever it is!


Luke: It's not his fault you need your hearing checked.
Mark: Well, he needs his talking checked!


Mom: Mark, are your hands clean?
Mark: Yep, they're as clean as the back of my butt!


Tim: How does he think things up so quick?
Luke: I don't know!
Tim: Sometimes I can do that-
Luke: Me too!
Tim: but usually if i want to say something witty without thinking about it, i have to think about it for a while.


Tim: You're going to...the bad place.(he says with an evil tone)
Mark: You mean the bathroom?


Tim: I think that's the first time I didn't die.
Greg: Really?
Tim: Yeah.
Greg: In your whole life?


Matt: Watch out for parked cars, Megan!
Megan: I slipped on gravel. It was not the parked car's fault!


Mark: Do you remember Christian[Romans]?
Cara: I don't want to remember Christian.
Mark: Well I don't either. I just remember a monkey.  


*(site authors note: jean is my aunt and martha is her friend.
also, alex was not really drowning,
therefore mark did not save him, but the above was said.)