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The difference between...


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The difference between Tim and Nick when flashed with strobes:
Tim:what's that for?
Nick: Ahh! my eyes!
The difference between Luke G. and Stevie B:
When offered food...
Luke says: is it bitten out of?
Steve says: Is it rancid?
When told to "jump the steps" on a scooter...
Luke asks: Do I have to?
Steve asks:180, 360, or 540?

The difference between Ted G. and Jim W:
When asked to "put the pedal to the medal"...
Ted says: No.
Jim says: Should I wait until after the turn?

The difference between Stevie B. and Tim T:
When falling in the middle of an insanely hard trick on a bike...
Tim says: Ouch...
Steve says: That was cool! I'm gonna do that again!