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Marky G.


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Yes, a page about.....!my brother! Am I crazy? Am I going to call him names? Am I bored? Most likely the last one...let's see how this turns out....
Mark is a master of wood...he once made a torture chamber entirely out of wood and locked a magical unicorn named patsy away forever. my advice to you, if you see him with so much as a 2 inch square peice of wood, a hammer, and some nails, RUN. Also, you give him anything on wheels, a scooter, bike, or even matchbax cars, and a roadway, and he can cause a 76 car pileup in 6.7 seconds.
Also, he has the capabilities of a secret agent...
He may appear thin and wiry, but do not let him sit on you. His 'freind' with the Mafia that didn't pay him back on time suffered 6 broken ribs and a cracked skull.
Also, for bonus features, Look at this:
!)He can dance
@)Well, he's keeps Slidin!
#) He's Twelve Years Old.
$)He currently has money!
%)He's abdominable!
There you go!

Hands in the air!

oh yeah!

up against the wall!