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Extry...Tramenjus...MONKEY! Fry mah hide!


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Funny things.

hear dat sound? that's mr. T, a mad cool dude. and he ain't afraid of no monkeys, either.

Bumm bum bummmmm...

This one is cool. Dave once asked me what two superheros would I want to combine, and I said Thing and Wolverine, and I would call him Thorval. Dave must have thought that was interesting, cause he drew what he thought Thorval would've looked like.Click Here  to see Dave's research on Thing.

This is a story, 'bout a dude named Stevie...


Shake it!

Ha! Dave took this one of one of his action figures, Daredevil. Like his rear end?


It's evil and psycotic wolverine!

click here to play funny video

it looks good enough to eat!(click here)

All them dawgs ready to kick some butt.