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Alright...why a page about Greg? I think the better question is...why not a page about Greg sooner?!? let's can we summarize greg with a few words...i know!
okay, that was boring....that last one, i don't know what that was for...
let's say this:
Greg was in the witness protection agency under a fake name because he saw a big secret in the mafia's files, and now 3 large men in red thongs are trying to kill him with big wooden spoons.
HE got his first job at the age of 14(back in Russia) in the MEA(Middle school girl Elimination Agency). his job was to go to middle school, poison the food of the MSG's, take them out back, finish the job, and hide the bodies. As you might have guessed, the police were not fond of this organization, so that job fell through. Let's just say he's 'continuing the tradition' of what went on back then...When 'Greg' was 17, he sailed over to the USA on a Turkish fishing trauler, and now goes by 'Greg'. he secretly is Russian, but he grew a fro so nobody would know it...he has 15 automatic truck launchers hidden in his room.
He was hospitalized for a week because of extensive 'appendix surgery' really though, he had a bomb implanted into his small intestine, and they had to remove it. otherwise...he would be killed... He was once a famous baseball player, and stars in many movies under the name"Jackie Chan" and he can do a triple backflip, he just chooses not to(he doesn't want to humiliate Tim in front of the MSG's).
Other things....  
His house needs to be bigger, for that pool table.
Eric(his brother)needs to take him to taco bell more(and that nice kid Luke can come)
His freezer defenetly needs more Taquitos in it.
He(and Luke and Tim) need more vanilla milkshakes with chocolate sprinkles(bought by eric).
Perfect Dark...only face him if you wish to die...
Well, i'm gettin there!
Hey, I heard that laugh greg!
wait until next time...
Also, he needs some sort of hobby, besides making TTG cards and such...

he likes to look like a dork, i guess

he likes cheese.

the foosball champions!(i think)

he's got the power!