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Billy S.


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Don't Cry!

Well, I don't really know Billy S. all that well...
I do know his last name!
But when I make a new page, all it is is me making up stuff anyways.
Here we go...
Tim said,"Yeah, and at the campground I met this kid named Billy, he kinda lives near here."
Should I believe him?
I think the better question is:"What campground?"
My answer: RETARD CAMP
Yes, Billy's dad said, "Oh, that kid of ours, what's his name again?Oh yes. Billy's getting tooo smart. i heard of this great place where they teach anyone to be a Retard, and at the same time, they alter their appearance so that they'll look odd in every picture taken of them! for the low, low price of $32.09!"
Billy's Mom replied,"Wow, that sounds like the thing for What's-his-name!"
So, they sent him to RETARD CAMP.
Tim just happened to be there. Coincidence? I think NOT. But that's another story for another time...
So, Tim said,"Yeah, you should see him sometime"
--one day, not too far after this--
Tim, on the phone: hey, you want to come over?
Luke, on the phone with tim:Sure, what for?
Tim:I don't know...we could fool around, eat some fried monkey butts, poop somewhat, and oh yeah, billy's coming.
Luke: oh great![not sarcastic] I love fried monkey butts!
Tim:what about billy?
Luke:Oh, yeah, he'll probably like them too.
                  * * * * * * * * * * * *
so, having met billy, i have discovered:
Bill+tim+my camera=fun
he is a great subject in pictures
good, clean fun.
Taquitos:the all-natural breakfast food.

No, Bill, it's a Taquito! A TAQUITO! You EAT IT!
don't smoke it!

Yes, I think we ARE forgetting who has the knife..
run like heck! WAIT...HECK DON'T RUN!

no, bill, you still look uh, odd.