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Extry...Tramenjus...MONKEY! Fry mah hide!
A poem about luke g.


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it brings tears to my eyes.

A poem about Luke Gajary:

I run around with ducks on head,
Hopping on my sister's bed.
Smashing things which are all mark's,
Stealing swords and stabbing sharks.

Vinegar in Luke R's hair,
"I'll give Timmy quite a scare!"
Running 'round in daddy's pants,
Squashing all the little ants.

Boy my mommy's gettin' stewed,
Cause I just stripped my brother nude.
I took his hat and threw it strait,
I watched it sail right through the gate.

I'm settin' all my toys on fire,
Just cut my sis with a barbed wire.
My brother Alex just turned four,
And I just threw him out the door.

My brother Mark, his birthday's soon,
I wonder what I'll get that goon.
I could teach him better grammar,
Nah, I'll just hit him with a hammer!

-by Dave

everybody clap now.